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Get All Your Organic Video Marketing Done
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No Scripting, Editing Or Posting Needed - All You Have To Do Is Record

Watch Our Quick Process Breakdown On How We Got 18+ Entrepreneurs More Traffic, Inbound Leads & Sales Through Video Content

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Who Is Our Service For?

  • Busy founders, consultants & coaches that want to create effective video content but have time or expertise constraints

  • Business owners, thought leaders and LinkedIn professionals looking to start or outsource organic content marketing for their personal brand

  • Existing content creators that want to repurpose their content or outsource the creation process

Some Results

Why Use RuleYourMedia?

  • More leads & clients from higher visibility and built-in authority from organic content

  • More inbound demand, referrals and market dominance from having value-based content and organic sales assets in the form of video

  • Time & opportunity costs saved from spending 20+ hours/month yourself or not knowing what things to do to create good videos

  • Guaranteed engagement & growth for your existing content, offers and you as a brand (all of our clients have grown their brands from working with us)

  • Creating a personal brand within your niche and industry through value-based video content

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee includes unlimited FREE revisions until you're satisfied with the ideas, editing & everything else

Is This You?

  • Little to no inbound messages, referrals, calls and sales from your content & personal brand

  • Spending too much time on content creation and posting

  • Not knowing what or why to post on social media to attract clients

  • Spending too much money on ads with little to no results

  • Busy on high-level tasks like selling or service delivery and you don't have time to create & post content

Some Of Our Clients & Content Examples

Joey Gilkey

8-figure agency owner & host of The Best Damn Agency podcast

Alma Bradford

High ticket consultant & multi 6-figure agency owner

Zoran Sarabaca

A business broker expert at Xcllusive

Mike Cooch

7-figure entrepreneur & fast-growth CEO

Adam Bonilla

Multi-time professional bodybuilding champion & personal coach

Alex Kilbee

Photographer & owner of The Photographic Eye

Christina Rowe

Founder of a woman entrepreneur community with 620k+ members

Richard Barker

Esteemed professional hypnotist seen on James Corden, Logan Paul and more

More Results

What We Do

Content Ideation, Scripting, Editing & Posting


We map out a roadmap of topics & ideas to use for 30 clips. These ideas are based on our onboarding process so we know as much as we can about your market, your offer and more. The ideas are validated with software and market research so that we know which ones have the least amount of competition, the highest search volume and relevancy for your audience.We then write talking points for each clip so all you have to do is record the clips (with our help, where we guide you on how to begin and end the clips, with relevant hooks and CTA's, how to record in high-quality and more).We then take & edit the clips to make them more engaging by adding captions, some B-roll footage, removing mistakes, as well as create search-optimized titles, descriptions & strategies to use to turn the views from the clips into business opportunities (leads, calls, sign-ups).All of the content will be posted on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok by us.All you have to do is spend an hour a month recording and ask for edits if needed since we offer unlimited free revisions.

Our Content Delivery System In-Depth

Content Repurposing


If you already have existing content, such as a podcast, course, coaching calls, seminars or more - we take that long-form video footage and turn it into short-form clips. This takes zero work from your end, since we will find the best parts to use for clips, edit them and send them straight to you.

Some Words From Our Clients

Joey Gilkey Talking About Us And Our Results On His Podcast

Mike Cooch Sharing His Experience With Us On His Group Call

How To Start?

Book A Call

For more information about our process, to learn some strategies & if this can help you - don't hesitate to book in a free demo call 📞P.S. You can also email us to find out more at mark@ruleyourmedia.com

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